Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beaver Fever Bracelets! GO BEAVERS!!!

So naturally you support the athletics at the school your kid's attend or in the community in which you live right?!  Well we are the Beavers and our colors are Red and White!  Of course Black comes with it too!  :-)  So in my Girl Scout Troop I have serving as their leader (Leader 4 years now! YAY!) I had them make a craft to go along with one of their Try-It's they were to earn.  The craft I decided they would do was bracelet's made out of buttons and ribbon!  They turned out so cute and here is one I made,... of course the girls' were a "little different" as I am working with 2nd & 3rd graders and have not yet learned my habit of being a perfectionist (sometimes a bad thing due to time restraints)!  hehehe  Either way,... they are so easy to make and all you need is buttons of your size and color choice, stretchy bead cord (preferably clear) and ribbon of your choice!  See below,... and no my cutting board is clean I just use it for EVERYTHING I do on my scrapbooking desk!  :-)

The front or back of it,....

And again the front or back of it,... :-)

In Kayleigh's hand,...

On her arm,... (small wrist)

And the same one on my wrist!  Basically any size will fit!  Just don't get it too loose or the buttons will turn on you when wearing it!  Enjoy!

I will be making more in a series of different colors for certain things and will post those when I do them in the future!  :-)  "Til next time,....

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