Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Scrappin' area!

So I have been sick in which naturally I got it from my kiddo's so I have not been doing much but I have managed in the past 2 weekends to move my scrapbook craft area into our main room of our house from our bedroom with yes,... Lance's approval! (As if I asked before doing so!  LOL)  No he is really good with understanding my "addiction", "obsession" and "therapy" I NEED at times!  ;-P This just allows me to be in the same room and area as my kid's and family are and still be able to scrap a little without feeling isolated from them!  I really do like it and look forward to being able to do more since it is staring at me everyday calling my name to come over and get Scrappin' Happy!  LOL  ;-)  Anyways,... check it out,...


Hidden paper,...

Paper, paper, paper,... can't have too much!  :-)


One of my favorite antiques turned into my punch storage,... (It was too tall to put all of it up as it is 10' tall!)

Antique desk,....that I love for my cutting area,... pictured is my "older" expression as my wonderful hubby just bought me the new Expression 2 and I have not been able to play with it yet as tonight is only the 2nd night I have had it but will soon be on my cutting desk!  Woo hoo!  Thanks baby!  :-)

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