Sunday, August 26, 2012

Burlap Football Door/Wall Hangers!

Alrighty,... so I have seen these on Pinterest and thought how cool it would be to make one in my own style being that I have a "house divided" situation and so I did! These turned out super cute. One of my friends came over to get Craftin' Scrapping Happy with me and wanted an all Arkansas Razorback one for herself and so we made her one too! I drew out all the artwork, made the bows and letters and she painted hers. I did everything on the other one being the Tiger/Hog one!  I am so ready for Football Season this Friday it is not even funny!!!  So with the Hog, I just think it turned out super cute! The one with the Tiger, we you know I had to make the Tiger a female to represent me and the Hog to be a male to represent my husband! Ha!  Yes it is true,.... until further notice this marriage has been put on hold for football season!  Bahahahahaha!  Check them out below:


These were so cute and fun to make,... gonna make others and of course try some different shapes too!  Hope you enjoyed and as for the other stuff I have completed before doing these footballs today I will get those posted as well!  Well look for these on Pinterest as I am about to add my own!  Until next time,...  ;-)

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