Monday, July 20, 2009

"Spiderman" Birthday Card

So hello again,... we went to one of our friend's little boy's birthday party and I made his birthday card for him! It turned out so cute! Lance said that it looked store bought and would have thought that had he not seen me make it! LOL I guess it was good huh?! We bought Shawn, birthday boy, a Spiderman Fishing Pole and of course I wanted a matching card,... I was not able to find one that I liked so I decided I would make it! Lance found a Spiderman tag card at Wal-Mart and we bought it to use on the card for the Spiderman image. I used red, blue, and black cardstock. With the black I embossed a spider web for texture and design and then yellow eyelets to bring in the yellow from the title and attach the image and poem I wrote on the inside. I thnk it is soooooo cute,.... check it out!

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