Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping up with the Chaney's! :-)

So here I go again,... not sure why I quit posting back in 2009 (geez what a long time that has been) either way the thing is now,... I'm ready! I want to share with you what we Chaney's have been up to and what we like to do!

I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking here lately and love to share my works with my friends and figured what better way to show what we do than with a blog! I finished Kayleigh's girl scout book and am working on her's and Kaiden's baby books now! I know, I know,... why now!? Well the thing is,... I have time now I guess?! Who knows but I wanted to start on them so they would have them before they turn 50 years old! LOL No seriously,... I had other projects going but now ready to get on their books so I will be posting tid bits here and there of their books among other things we are doing. Such as,...

Lance right now is working on his fishing boat,... I should have taken a before picture because he is working on it now and what little bit he has completed on it I can already tell it will be nice once he is finished with it! I cannot wait to go camping and fishing! WooHoo! Can you say FUN TIMES COMING! Kaiden I know will enjoy that as well as Kayleigh! She loves to fish,... I still have that to scrap too! Oh my,... a lot of work I have to get done,... one day at a time! :-)

If you have any pictures of the kiddos, please e-mail or send me a copy of them! I have lost a lot of pictures, ecspecially of Kayleigh, when my hard drive crashed on my computer so baby pictures and so on would be awesome?! Kaiden I have covered! LOL Not unless you might have taken some and I did not get a copy?! Hmmmmm,.... Christy!? LOL Just kidding! Either way,... I will be posting and keeping you all updated through this blog and Facebook,... hopefully I can keep up!

Ta Ta!

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