Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning and then RELAXING!

Well this past weekend I cleaned the house and helped Lance put up a cabinet above the dryer,.... I worked my butt off but for some reason I couldn't tell it?! It all started with the seal on our front bathroom toilet going bad and needing to replace it ofcourse that day ecspecially since that is the kids and guests' bathroom. So I had to clean the water up and that led to me deciding to clean the entire bathroom which led to the other bathroom and then into the laundry room and then the kitchen,.... I wanted to do the entire the house and had plans to, but phew,... man I was tired by 5 pm! Yes it took me that long to get all that completed! :-) I will get the rest of it this coming weekend and maybe even shampoo carpet!? NO SHOES PLEASE! LOL At least that way I may keep it clean for atleast ONE day! Around 5:00 pm, a dear friend of mine, Karla and her daughter Hannah, came over and I helped Hannah with some math homework and then we ate a spaghetti feast with a delicious salad and french bread. Yum! After dinner we watched the movie "Faster" with The Rock and Billy Bob Thornton in it,... it was pretty good! It had a twist though. Good friends, good times!

Sunday morning came early it seemed,.. maybe we were just tired from the late movie?! Either way,... church was good as always! I received homework to complete before next Sunday,... shouldn't be too hard I hope. After church we went to eat at a Mexican restuarant with some friends from church, Kim and her daughters, Drew, Jesse, and others! We had a huge table of 12 people! It was fun,.... afterwards of course it was off to Wal-Mart to get things for this week and then home. We watched another movie called "Skyline",... it is a sci-fi movie that was okay but about aliens,... not really my kind of movies but it was time I got to spend with my hubby on the couch to relax with him while the kids were watching their own movie!

Overall, we had a good weekend,... I got "some" of the things done that I wanted to accomplish,... I still have my room and the living room office area to clean,... yuck! Oh well,... it has to be done! :-)

'Til next time,....

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